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Carpet Repairs

- Carpet Seaming and seam repair:

Professional seam repair on all types of carpets. 
Loose or frayed seams are an eye sore and potentially a tripping hazard. 
Allow Eagle Carpet Care to repair your seams. 

*Pricing depends on application

Now using KOOL-GLIDE technology.  (Not pictured).  Special seaming tape allows us to set the seam from the top
and seam it from on top of the carpet using a microwave distribution seam iron.


- Carpet Patching:

Professional carpet patching.  We assure your patch is secure and will not move or fray once seamed.
If there is an issue, Eagle Carpet Care will re-do the repair at no extra cost.
From partial room replacements to the smallest patches, Eagle can help.



- Berber Carpet Run Repair Specialists

Berber carpet is just one of those things, your vacuum catches a run and it just goes!
Fret no more, Eagle Carpet Care can save runs in Berber and other looped carpets.
If there is not extra yarns (as pictured) we have the ability to take a piece out of an
inconspicuous area such as a closet and repair it that way.


- Carpet Stretching - Re stretching:

Many carpets are poorly installed, but Eagle Carpet Care can provide a fix for loose and wrinkled carpets
Carpets can be re-stretched via a Power Stretcher.  We move your furniture, stretch the room, vacuum or clean the carpeting, and place your furniture back in place.

power stretching


+ All Repairs are sight on scene for pricing.  Call today for an estimate 678.714.0445 + 
+ Or send us a picture at eagle@eagle-carpetcare.com+



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